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Jeet Kune Do Concepts

JKD is an art for all ages and all people because the student is urged to adopt the training methods that will help them improve. You will be given experiences in many arts. Since everyone is different, it is important to "adapt what is useful and reject what is useless." Whether your interest lies in street-defense, physical conditioning, or as a hobby, Bruce Lee's art of JKD will lead you to self-improvement. This is a no-nonsense, effective approach to martial arts. Training is conducted at all ranges of combat: Weapon, Kicking, Punching, Trapping, and Grappling. If you're looking for a well rounded class which offers a "taste of everything", this class is the one you've been looking for.


Filipino Martial Arts/Kali

Kali is a complete martial art from the Philippines. Training consists of kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling, and weaponry (stick and dagger). This class focuses on the stick and dagger training.

Thaiboxing (Muay Thai)

Thaiboxing is a brutally effective art from Thailand. Emphasis is on leg kicking, punching, elbow and knee strikes, and "Thai-pad" training. The training drills of Thaiboxing serve as an excellent method of physical fitness and conditioning. The cardiovascular, anaerobic, and muscular systems are all trained in this class. Traditionally, Thaiboxing is a brutal art. Our unique training methods allow anyone a safe, injury free training environment.

Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW or Groundfighting)

The Grappling class is an excellent addition to any martial art. An art in itself, grappling is a necessary component in self-defense situations once the encounter goes to the ground. The focus of this class is the development of skills necessary to survive once on the ground. A wide variety of different grappling arts are combined to develop an effective grappling method. Erik Paulson is the founder of Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW).


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA, NHB or No-Holds-Barred)

MMA, also referred to Mixed Martial Arts has been made popular by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The UFC is a competition in which two combatants face off with very limited rules. Punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes, chokes, armbars, leglocks and other submissions are all allowed. This class provides the training for NHB competition or for those who want a realistic training environment.

Not every member of Mousel’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy will become a fighter.  There are training options for those that wish to compete in the Octagon cage or ring and there are also options for those that enjoy the training for reasons of self-defense, fitness, fun, hobby and social reasons.
The training intensity is up to the individual to decide.  For those that wish to become fighters the training will be high intensity and rigorous in order to prepare for the challenge when stepping inside the cage.  Others that don’t fight will often train at a lower intensity.  Safety is a key issue.  If our members get injured, they can’t train.  We take every possible precaution to minimize injuries.  There’s no use in practicing martial arts if you’re always too injured to actually participate!



The first half of this class is devoted to drill and technique practice to improve footwork, offense and defense. The second half gives the student the opportunity to spar with professional boxer Pat Swan. The student is guided through the sparring session which allows fast progression.

Women's Self-Defense

We periodically conduct courses designed for the special needs of women. These courses teach how to maximize your natural "tools" against your attackers vital points. Unlike most self-defense courses, all areas are covered: standing and on the ground. You can get additional details on our Women's Self-Defense site - click here.