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Mousel's Mixed Martial Arts Academy offers flexible rates and training schedules making it easy for you to study and progress through the ranks.

GROUP CLASSES: Group classes are 45 minutes long and feature instruction in technique, physical conditioning, various reaction drills and training exercises designed to increase fighting skills.

Classes Per Week

Price Per Month*


$69 ($17.25/class)


$89 ($11.13/class


$99 ($8.25/class)


$109 ($6.81/class)


$129 ($6.45/class)

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons are designed for students seeking more personalized, accelerated training. It has been shown that private lesson students progress three times faster then students who rely on group lessons alone.

Private lessons with Tim Mousel are thirty to sixty minutes and are scheduled during the day or evening at your convenience. Private lessons range from $45.00 (30 minutes) to $85.00 (one hour) per session. Private group rates and package rates also available.

MISSED CLASSES: Because of scheduling and time limitations months cannot be extended to account for repeatedly missed classes, nor can missed classes be deducted from your monthly rate. For vacations, holidays or other special circumstances, scheduling arrangements must be made with your coach prior to missing your classes.