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Should A Dan Level Be Highly Based on Fighting Ability?

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    Originally posted by Hardball View Post

    A teacher who teaches in his ranked system. I've seen shodoan's handed to the Ikkyu and I've seen Shodan test that last all day. The most profound thing I've seen is Black Belts getting promoted for winning Kumite at tournaments. I don't think anyone should get a Black Belt without some type of test.
    Yes, it began in Jujitsu's development of Judo.

    I've seen a students Mother pass the owner a few bucks on the side and plead for their son's promotion. Kid blew the test but passed. Rest of the students knew what happened so this bb receives no respect other than the green and brownbelts like to beat up on him and the Sensei has to take extra time trying to bring the kid up to par. Didn't work.

    No respect and those green, brownbelts feel real good with the bb beatdown. Those that are bb and can't fight, usually quit with the exceptions that are the result of the system, in itself, is full of martial arts sutdents that commonly aren't very good.

    post script: parents get a little tired of paying for training and the kid just doesn't improve enough. Adults also get tired of paying fees for taking the beatdowns too. Sooner or later, the weak wash out.