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speed trainning for martial arts

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  • jbarnescombat
    started a topic speed trainning for martial arts

    speed trainning for martial arts

    1. Train with a partner who is faster to accelerate your progress.
    2. Develop your visual reflexes to quickly recognize attacks and openings.
    3. Learn to relax for better initiation speed and develop a "poker face."
    4. Work on speed in all fighting ranges (long, mid, close) for balanced development.
    5. Use equipment and tools to maximize speed (focus mitts, speed bag, and double end bag).

    Excerpted from new book Speed Training for Combat, Boxing, Martial Arts, and MMA

    Free download for 5 days.

    Please reply with your tips for speed training...or questions on speed training.

    Train Hard. Win Easy.

  • Vendace
    Thx for a tips

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