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  • To Diet Or To Lifestyle

    Step one to a new lifestyle.
    It seems there is always the latest frenzy of diets.
    Brand name diets come and go as quickly as Octomom
    is having babies. Then there are the “Extreme” diets.

    I would say over 95% of diets out there work. I do
    question ones health on extreme diets that
    advertise losing 7-10 pounds per week; when a
    healthy weight loss should be no more than
    2-3 pounds a week.

    The problem with the word “DIET” is that you can't
    stay on them forever. One could end up with serious
    health issues staying on an “Extreme” diet over the
    recommended length of time.

    Forget the diets, forget the calorie counting unless
    you're a professional athlete. How about a lifestyle
    change. Make a decision, a promise to change the
    way you're eating, to excersie consistently, to have
    a new LIFESTYLE on your own health.

    Start by a decision. Write your goals down on a
    3 x 5 card and place it on your bathroom mirror.
    The goals should be:
    How much do you want to weigh.
    When do you want to achieve the new weight.

    Be realistic on the time issue. You shouldn't be
    losing anymore than 2-3 pounds a week after your
    first 2 weeks of your new lifestyle.

    Take a head to toe photo. Take measurements of
    arms, chest, waist, hips (if female) and thighs. Get
    serious, take your lifestyle by the horns.

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    Start by a decision. Write your goals down on a

    3 x 5 agenda and abode it on your bath mirror.

    The goals should be:

    How abundant do you wish to weigh.

    When do you wish to accomplish the new weight.
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      Its nice if you will do both, the diet and lifestyle. Its nice to have a good life style and into a fit body. It feels more fulfilling on that situation.
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        thanks for sharing with us


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          There are several fad diets that will lead to successful weight loss if you follow them exactly as they are designed. That doesn't mean every food that fits into a diet is a healthy food, but it does mean you have to change your eating patterns to fit the diet's rules.


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            Thank you for sharing the useful message like this. I would love to receive this kind of information.
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            Lactase is a special enzyme produced by small intestines and this enzyme plays an important role in the process of breaking down lactose.

            Only when this process is smooth can your body digest milk or any other dairy products.
            After lactase breaks down lactose, it will turn into two kinds of sugar – galactose and glucose – absorbed by our blood.
            Lactose intolerance refers to the condition in which there is a lack of lactase in the body or there is something wrong with the process.
            Many people might find it hard to distiguish lactose intolerance and simple milk allergy. However, the latter refers to our body’s response to milk’s proteins only.
            It is really dangerous if you dont treat them right, so i will provide a post that can help you find information to get rid of this or just prevent it.

            A sad fact is that scientists have not come up with the solution to remove lactose intolerance.
            You might wonder if the simplest way is to avoid milk and dairy products for the whole life.
            Nevertheless, it is not that easy! Many other foods also use dairy products, such as creams soups or cereals.
            If you decide to stay away from all of them, then it will be really challenging for you to enjoy the life (and you will have to pay attention all the time).
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