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  • Martial Heroes: Episode 5 Details

    Episode 5 "To be a Superiority, and To Defeat Restless?s Monters"
    It has been a peaceful time in the Empire of Martial Heroes... until word reached Master Don that fiendish monsters were going to attack the people of a nearby village. Flying like the wind, he arrived at the village to find it already under attack! He fought ferociously, and defeated all but one monster, that ran away. Master Don followed it for many miles, but lost his way in unknown lands, finally arriving at a strange and beautiful village.
    There he met an old man, and asked him where he was. The old man replied, "This is Restless village, and there are many powerful and diabolical monsters about. When they hunger for human flesh, they will often go into your land, the Empire of Martial Heroes, to hunt for food". The old man?s voice was full of fear, as if the mere mention of these monsters would draw them out.
    After much contemplation the realization came to Master Don, that the Heroes of the Empire would need to learn more powerful skills, and would need to wield stronger weapons against this new threat. So he sets out to find the Tae San, Uichun, Dokgo, and Welkwang sets, known in the Empire of Martial Heroes as the legendary Superiorities. He also develops new skills, and discovers how to use raw emotions to increase his body?s energy flow, making him stronger. He travels the world in search of these items, mastering the new skills he must now pass on to his chosen Heroes...

    Part I "Appearance of the Superiority Series Items and Skills"
    Content: Items above level 144 added - Tae San set, Uichun set (Dokgo and Welkwang sets will be added later).
    Date: Coming soon (To be announced)
    Part II "Restless Monsters Attack"
    Content: New map Restless added. Monsters above level 155 added (5 kinds of normal monsters, 2 kinds of Boss monsters)
    Date: Coming soon (To be announced)
    Part III "Use Your Fury, Martial Heroes!"
    Content: New "Fury System" will be added. Use your instant skills for a while (depending on your level) to build your anger points. Fill up your anger and use it, to increase your character?s attack and defense by 50% for a limited time.

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      And then Master Don went to Tigerclaw's school to learn RNC defense...