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  • kina/kino mutai

    have a looksee at this

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    Kinamutai- Cebuano word for using of hands. e.g "Kinamutai na lang ta og kaon bay."(english translation: Let's eat with our hands Buddy.)

    Kinomutai/Kinumutai- Cebuano word for grasping or forceful usage of grasps to hurt others.e.g. Unsa man ni kinumutai na lang ta kay di man mu manumbag.(english translation: Well, since you wont punch each other, just squeeze and grasps each other until the fight is over)

    In behalf of all honest Cebuanos..i would like to apologize for this misrepresentation of who we are. Kinumutai is not a martial art form or an FMA for that matter..i feel embarassed everytime i realize how many non-cebuanos are duped into beleiving that this is a reputable martial art..IT IS NOT! It has been used by charlatan so called masters who wants to use this as a means to extracting more money from you...
    again my Apologies.


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      hello...first time post from a newbie...kino mutai was popularized by Paul Vunak but as you said it is a big misunderstanding...there is no FMA called kina/kino mutai...i am with serveinsilence. kinamutan is the equivalent Tagalog word...meaning to use the empty hands to scratch.