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I make Indonesian style knives.

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  • I make Indonesian style knives.

    I wrote this in the Phillipino arts section already but....
    I make lots of diffrent styles of knives, I started studing silat as a knife maker and got alot of requests for Indonesian style knives. After seeing some of the junk that comes over here from Indonesia I figured you guys needed some good solid blades.
    They are 100% hand forged from high carbon alloy steel typically W2 or 5160.
    I posted in the Phillipino arts forum as well with a little more detail on what I do so check that out also.
    If you want an Indonesian style blade, I will forge it, heat treat it, throw a handle on it and mail it to you. But not for free.
    Our prices are very reasonable, and have martial artist in mind for design. In fact We custom make knives mostly for martial artist and have reviews from Silat practitioners that we could provide any prospective customers.
    If you have a design in mind let us know what your price range is, along with a drawing and we'll see what we can hammer out for you.
    We make a mean Karambit!!

    Please visit our website at
    We are switching providers for our site so not all of our stuff is up yet and we are always adding more.

    I hope this doesnt offend anyone, not intened to disrespect the community just figured you guys may have use for hand forged blades for Silat.
    So please dont ban me.