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Make KOTF a temporary moderator?

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  • Make KOTF a temporary moderator?

    Thought I'd run this by the owner and host of defend dot net before I over step my virtual authority?

    Do you mind if I give my buddy some "super powers" to help with the recent rash of spammers?

    Thanks kindly for your consideration Mr. M.

    Tim M. or Tim (EF?)

    ~Enjoy your week!

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    Well, I've been messing with his profile settings but I clearly have no clue what I'm doing or lack the administrative authority?

    I was feeling a bit overwhelmed recently with the hundreds and hundreds of spam posts to delete but it seems to be under control now. I suspect several new members this month will be spammers next month so locking down the forum may be useless.

    Most of the bans I issued recently were "members" who joined in Oct. Lets hope we don't have a similar problem next month, eh?

    KOTF might make a decent assistant or temporary mod since he still lurks every day. Just a thought and thanks again for your consideration,


    Raymond G.


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      There has been a lot of spam lately. I spent a good part of a morning deleting stuff myself. Might need to sent Tim M an email.

      Since the forum was updated way back, I don't even know how to get in the administrative section of the site.


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        Well, I hope you're not cleaning up after me? I've been "soft" deleting, editing the posts and leaving the carcasses to rot on the boards that have been hit the most.

        I'll delete them if you don't like the mess?

        Thanks kindly Tim.



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          Just saw this post! Sorry. I tried to find KOTF but it looks like he's not a member anymore?? eXcessiveFORCE, have you been able to find how to get to the admin side?




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            KOTF is short for "kingfoftheforest" The spam problem no longer seems to be an issue.

            Thanks Tim.


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              kingoftheforest now has admin powers. Thanks!