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Tomahawk Combatives - Columbia City, IN- 1/19 - FREE

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  • Seminar/Clinic Tomahawk Combatives - Columbia City, IN- 1/19 - FREE

    This is short notice-

    This will be free-of-charge and open to anyone over 18, regardless of current skill level. However, I am limiting the number of participants to the first 10 that RSVP. As of right now there are 4 slots left. So, if you have interest in learning practical and combative applications of a tomahawk plan on attending and be sure to RSVP to let me know you will be there. However, please don't send me an e-mail saying you are coming and then not show up, as this may cause someone else to miss out on the opportunity to attend.

    Seminar details-
    A comprehensive program designed to teach the student how to combatively utilize a tomahawk, hatchet, mini-axe, or a utility shovel. Learn proper grips, strikes, retention, and more. I will also demonstrate empty-hand applications for some of the movement patterns. Perfect for military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, and general home protection.

    The seminar is going to be held on Saturday Jan 19 from 10am to 1pm. I will provide the address to those that RSVP. Remember contact me ASAP to get a spot as there are only 4 slots left.

    Read some of my thoughts on the Tomahawk here-
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