Make Hindu Push-ups Better!

If you are serious about your martial arts training, you’ll want to get your biggest bang for the buck. If you’re doing high repeptition bodyweight exercises, you can make them better by adding a proprioceptive atmosphere to your training.

Basically, proprioception is your bodies ability to recognize where it is in space. Ever see a cat fall from a tree or high object? The cat is able to turn itself around in mid-air, and land on its feet. Ever see Sakuraba grapple, same thing, great athlete, great proprioceptive skills.

You can improve proprioceptive skills, and make yourself a better athlete while you are doing your high rep exercises. I have seen it time and time again, but you have to exercise the right way. If you exercise in an atmosphere that is very stable, you will never involve the smaller core muscles of the spine, and create efficient muscle firing patterns.

Remember that guy who couldn’t dance at your relatives wedding? That is an example of poor muscle firing patters. The mind is willing, but the muscles aint’.

Let’s take the Hindu push-up, a long time staple in the wrestlers or grapplers training routine and add a multi-dimensional atmosphere to it. All you need is a Swiss or stability wall, and the corner of a room:

1. Place the Swiss ball in the corner of a room
2. Get in the ball-of-foot on ball push-up position
3. Walk your hands back several inches as you place your tailbone skyward, and look back at the ball
4. Bend your elbows, and as if attempting to kiss the ground
5. Just before making contact with the ground
6. Push up as you bring your hips toward the floor, and chest upwards
7. This is one repetition
8. Go back to the starting position by moving your tailbone once again towards the sky, and look at the ball
9. Do as many as you can

When beginning to do the Hindu push-ups on the Swiss ball, the ball should be locked. This is done by lodging the ball into the corner of a room, as in the picture, so the ball cannot roll from side to side, or front to back. In time, when your balance improves, you can up the intensity by moving the ball out of the corner.
When this happens, simply lean the ball against a wall. With this, the ball can now only move side to side, but still not front to back. When this is then mastered, the ball can now be taken away from the wall, and moved to the open floor. This should not be rushed.
When you can do these Hindu push-ups in the open floor, you’re grappling will have improved tremendously. Doing the Hindu’s in this manner take extreme core balance and strength.

About the author:
Joe Driscoll is a martial arts world champion, personal trainer, and author of Conditioning and Beyond: Functional Strength and Balance for Fitness, Combat Sports and Increased Athleticism.

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